Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cinderella's sister

If fairy tale, tell us story about cinderella who has step mother and evil step sisters, this movie will tell us about this step sister.

Disini tokoh utamanya diperanin sama Moon Geun-young. sedikit susah memang namanya :D. I love her. she's beautiful and absolutely can transfer her emotion to the watcher like me.

She's so protective to herself, never let someone in to her life. it's different with me, who too open with other people, and finally will get hurt easily....

anyway... i love when she has long hair... :)

This story is actually can make me frown whole days. because Moon Geun-young is really good to be the eun jo...
i love when she cries because the man she loves, ki hoon is just step out from her life. She never cried when she get hurts or bleeding, but she cries when ki hoon step out from her life.

I just love the conflict and the romance. it's really light romance story but it's deep indeed.

sometimes lack or words, they just stare each other but the meaning is so deep enough... relationship between her mother, sister, father, and also with a man that loves her and her ki hoon... it's really deep...

i love this movie :)

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