Sunday, May 27, 2012

A friend from China, Name...

it's about 3 weeks i was with him. He's coming from China, shanghai for the specific area. He has Russian name. and it makes us wonder why he chose the Russian name. He's totally chines. but as you know, every chines person has three names, the young name, he's real chines name and English name. When i asked him about his English name, he said he chose his name because only 2 person in china using that name :D.

He's nice friend. He talk a lot actually. Just ask him everything about China, then he will answer you. Even his English is not really clear, but i enjoy his story. that's why, if i really can say mandarin, i will be very happy. but English is fine for both of us. and i just wonder, if Allah send me imam from other country, i will be very happy i can talk in English even not really well :D. Alhamdulillah Allah give me chance to knowing this language then i can have some conversation with other country or even from other continent

Talking about my friend, he told me, that shanghai is really different with Batam. It's high competition in shanghai. I can really understand that China is the populous country, and Shanghai as the industrial city, have so many people inside. He said it's about 800.000 students every year ready to work. and can you imagine how the competition there? It's normal an employee working 16 hours per day. They have to defend their job with working hard. No totality in job, then sorry, the bosses will replace you with some other guy. it makes me think that i'm nothing. i just can survive 12 hours per day. My job is not really effective, Playing here and there. and i really ashamed with I'm doing.

It's just a little story between me and him, but it really makes me think that I'm nothing. What i've done is not suppose make me so satisfied. What I've done is suppose to be my parameter to be more productive.

i really thanks to him because he teach me a lot and color my day :)

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